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Revolhair was born from a team with the desire to create high quality products specific for the hair. The intent is to create universal tools for all types of hair, starting from the easiest to manage up to those that are almost unmanageable. The idea was born when the need arose to combine a quality product with ease and speed of use.

After a whole year of design and several tests we have created a universal electric comb that is suitable for all hair types. The key feature is that the material in contact with the hair has been designed not to damage the hair in any way, making the product very useful for those who have fragile hair.



We recently released the first version of our electric comb after a whole year of study and testing. Since the first day of the release we have encountered a significant volume of positive feedback. Many people around the world now use our product. In particular, many were immediately attracted to the quaity of the materials we use on Revolhair Comb.

We are still working on new technologies to be implemented on our new Revolhair Comb, which will be better than ever. We have not yet scheduled the release, but it's coming!

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